What is CIPP Technology?

"Don't let your home sweet home become a soggy mess with broken pipes. Call Formadrain.
“Don’t let your home sweet home become a soggy mess with broken pipes. Call Formadrain.

The pipe systems that underlay our homes and office buildings bring us fresh water, take away gray water and shuttle sewage to treatment centers. While the system is efficient, over time, pipes rust, crack and become clogged and it is necessary to replace them. This has become a much more complex job, as today pipes are overlaid with concrete foundations, making them difficult to access. Digging up pipes can cause damage to property and is a general hassle. New innovations in technology have allowed a new building technology to emerge as a viable alternative to digging.

This new technology replaces water and sewer pipes by using a number of non-invasive strategies combined with minimal digging. Cured-in-place pipe (CIPP) such as Formadrain provides is one of these methods.

Benefits of the Technology:
CIPP technology has several benefits over traditional digging techniques. It is also eco-friendly, since impact on the surrounding landscape is minimized.

To assist in diagnosis, robotics are often used in this technology, making it safer than traditional digging. Robots can easily go into spaces that are dangerous for humans. Digging trenches can be expensive, time consuming, and cause issues such as traffic closures and delays. No-dig technology saves time and money when laying down new pipes, replacing old ones or when simply replacing a small section of existing pipe.

Diagnosing existing problems in pipes is also made easier with this technology. Robots provide operators with a wealth of valuable information on the state of systems of pipes. Sonar sewer profiling, for example creates a cross section of the surrounding pipe, allowing for a complete inspection and diagnosis to be made without digging up a single pipe. CCTV pipe inspection is another type of this technology that is gaining in popularity as an efficient way to inspect pipe systems.

Our Aging Infrastructure:
America’s infrastructure is aging, as many buildings, power plants, and waste-water treatment plants were built decades ago. Piping systems are in need of repair and maintenance however, complications, such as new buildings or the addition of additional levels of piping, have made digging technology more complicated if not impossible to conduct in a safe and efficient manner. CIPP and other technology is the solution to maintaining, repairing and replacing aging and damaged piping throughout the cities of America and the world.

Companies specializing in CIPP technology, such as Formadrain,  are becoming more in demand as homeowners and contractors seek out more efficient ways of dealing with plumbing and piping. CIPP technology is more flexible with different design constraints and is a more economical choice as well. Save time, money and your landscape by choosing CIPP technology for your plumbing and piping needs.

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  • Hello,

    I would like to ask about CIPP technology. Is it suitable for renovation of steel corugated culverts? What about waterway (It will be reduced significantly?) and adhesion to host pipe? The host pipe must be properly prepared (removal of old protection)?

    • It is a reliable technology for corrugated culverts. The smoothness of the new material will ensure water flows nicely and the loss in capacity is very minimal considering the material is very thin due to its incredible strength. – Bruce Stevenson

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