Canadian firm takes a leading role in the battle against I&I and the repair and rehabilitation of municipal wastewater systems.

Running a cleaning, inspection and rehabilitation company that serves all of Canada’s frequently frozen landscape presents some significant challenges, from harsh weather to hiring the right people.

Stephen Mercer has taken an aggressive approach with Empipe Solutions. In less than 10 years, the employee base has grown to 29 and the service area has stretched across the entire country.

The Hannon, Ontario-based company started out with CCTV and flushing, and now offers a full menu of services. As their capabilities and customer base grew, Mercer and his wife, Jelena, began pursuing business 3,000 miles away in Calgary, which they saw as a productive move because of the region’s oil industry. By 2012, they relocated two of their Ontario employees to open their second office in Alberta. The game was officially on.


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