Addison comes up $22 million short on project to overhaul Midway Road

Four years ago voters approved spending $16 million to overhaul one of the town’s busiest roads. But now town officials say it’s actually going to cost more than twice as much to complete the project and the original price tag was essentially a guess.

The Midway Road project was part of the town’s 2012 $50 million bond that included $29.5 million for street improvements. Overhauling Midway Road, which carries 40,000 to 45,000 vehicles per day, was a part of the bond package.

The project calls for completely removing and replacing all lanes of the concrete street; replacing sidewalks throughout the corridor; and expanding sidewalks, where necessary, to comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act. It would also replace the aging water and sewer lines, among other things.

But the $16 million designated for the Midway Road project in 2012 “will not be sufficient to cover the cost of the project as currently scoped,” Jason Shroyer, Addison’s assistant director of infrastructure & engineering services, told the council at a work session last week.


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