Formadrain Licensees Highlighted in Leading North American Construction Magazine

Two feature articles have been published by Trenchless Technology, North America's leading underground construction magazine, featuring two Formadrain licensees and the Formadrain lateral lining system. The articles are both online and will also be Continue Reading

City of Toledo Approves Formadrain for Laterals

Repairing aging and/or damaged pipes using the cured-in-place process (CIPP) is a great alternative to traditional open-cut methods. As city officials in Toledo recently discovered, it can also be a more environmentally friendly choice as Continue Reading

Formadrain CIPP Technology at the Head of the Class

It’s a fact: pipe repair methods that involve open cut methods aren’t always right for every situation. This holds especially true when the pipes involved run beneath the surface of buildings and/or other populated areas. Take for example, the Continue Reading

Formadrain Now Distributes Award-Winning Lateral Cutters from Picote

Formadrain is now the Canadian distributor of an exceptional line of small diameter lateral cutters from the Finnish company Picote. Picote, like Formadrain, is an innovator in its field and has created some remarkable products which are brilliantly Continue Reading

Formadrain CIPP Solves Pipe Problems at the NASA Glenn Research Center

When it comes to repairs, the size and/or shape of pipes can make a huge difference. An example of this can be seen in the project that the Glenn Research Center in Cleveland undertook to rehabilitate an existing pipe system. The GRC was Continue Reading