Executive Profiles

Gerard Marc-Aurèle:

Gerard Marc Aurele FormadrainIt is with regret that we announce the passing of Mr Gérard Marc-Aurèle, the husband of Gisèle Mandeville Marc-Aurèle, on September 30, 2016.

He is survived by his children: Daniel (Ginette Tremblay), Sylvain (Lucie Larose), Michel (Lise Boivin), Nicole (Peter Franc); his grandchildren: Eric, Josée Denis, Patrick, Carl Bruno, Sébastien , Emilia and Pascal; his great-grandchildren: Elliot, Zackary, Dahlia, Rafael, Benjamin, Gabriel, Florence, Jacob, Rosalie, Noam; his brother Germain and sisters Fernande, Rita and Eliane.

Gerard served as president of the CMMTQ District of Montreal for several years. He was an active member of the Employers’ Council of Quebec and member of the group of business leaders.

Passionate and hard worker, he will be missed. He loved life, his family, friends and all those around him in any way whatsoever.

We also want to thank all the staff of the Hospital Marie-Clarac (Palliative Care Unit) for all good loving care they have given him. They were greatly appreciated.

Founded Drainamar Inc., a plumbing company, in 1969; the company offers all services related to sewers including CCTV, grouting, lining, testing, flow measurements etc. After building the company to more than 100 employees, he sold DRAINAMAR in 1999.

Founded FORMADRAIN Inc. in 1994 and is the current President (the company now has authorized installers in Canada, the United States and Asia).

Developed a number of industry-leading processes including FORMADRAIN and FORMAPREC® (for industrial applications) and was greatly involved in the development of the FORMAQUA® Process (a water main lining technology which is not commercialized at this time).

A true industry pioneer, he is also involved in many other R&D projects related to the FORMADRAIN Process and specialized equipment needed to implement it including: thermo mandrel, liner, robots, controls devices, steam units, etc. He also invented much of the equipment that propelled Drainamar to the position of industry leader in the sewer market.

He has more than 40 years of experience in plumbing, and more than 15 years experience in sewers and water main specialized services.

Stephane Therrien, P.Eng.:

Stephane Therrien FormadrainStephane is a Civil Engineer (specialized in construction & structures) who graduated from University of Montreal Polytechnic Engineering School in 1993.

He worked with Drainamar from 1994 to 1999 as a Project Manager for No-Dig Projects. He was also involved in many R&D projects in the development of specialized equipment for FORMADRAIN.

Project Manager for R&D (on site testing of FORMADRAIN Technologies), within the scope of an Infrastructure Program (Federal, Provincial and Municipal).

Since 1999 has held the position of Vice-president at FORMADRAIN Inc.

Has trained Authorized Installers across Canada and in the United States (FORMADRAIN is also currently established in Asia).

Stephane is very active at all levels in the enhancement of FORMADRAIN No-Dig Technologies — from Research and Development to marketing, liner design and on-site installation.

He has acquired 17 years of overall experience a very solid foundation of “hands on” field expertise (he has installed liners, acted as job foreman and project manager, trained individuals to the highest levels, developed marketing programs and more).

Carl Marc-Aurèle, P.Eng.:

Carl Marc Aurele FormadrainCarl is a Chemical Engineer (specialized in polymer science) who graduated from University of Montreal Polytechnic Engineering School in May 2009.

With a solid background in R&D, including internship doing research with Nick Virgilio (Ph.D.) and Pr. Basil Favis (Ph.D.) of Polytechnic Engineering School, in addition to an industrial internship, he joined FORMADRAIN Inc. upon graduation as a process engineer to be a trainer as well as working in R&D.

He spent most of his first year training “hands on” as a FORMADRAIN installer in Montreal.

Since then, he also trained and supported licensees, was a job foreman, a project manager, participated in local and national trade shows and was in charge of R&D, acquiring a solid background in the lining business.

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