Formadrain is Your Perfect No-Dig Solution for Repairing Underground Pipes

Hundreds of miles have been successfully lined with this system since 1994!

Here's Some Key Benefits of the Formadrain No-Dig System for You...

Formadrain is a true no-dig technology. It is a steam-cured, fiberglass and epoxy system that is pulled-in-place through existing pipes. This means it is used to repair underground pipes without digging. With no excavation, it can perform lateral repairs, Lateral-Main-Connection® repairs, spot repairs and process piping repairs.

In addition, the Formadrain system:

  • Has been steam cured since 1994 when it was developed.
  • Has lined hundreds of miles of pipe since its launch.
  • Counts over 40 authorized Formadrain licensees across the United States and Canada.
  • Can repair circular pipes from 2 to 48 inches (50 to 1200 mm) in diameter.
  • Contains Green technology: No Volatile Organic Compounds used (VOC Free)

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CIPP: It’s All in the Resins

Formadrain installation equipment

Formadrain installation equipment getting ready for a job.

Over the last 40 years, cured-in-place-pipe (CIPP) technology has become the method of choice for the rehabilitation of deteriorated underground pipelines and sewers. That’s because it’s less expensive than traditional open cut methods and is relatively fast and easy to install.

Part of what has contributed to CIPP’s success is the resins used in the adhesion process. The most common of these are made with polyester and epoxy. Typically, polyester gets used with felt linings and epoxy with fiberglass ones.

The main advantage of polyester resins is that they are less costly. But they also have a tendency to fracture more easily and lack the durability of epoxy resins. Where flexible high-strength bonding is required, epoxy wins, hands down.

Polyester resins are also problematic in the fact that once cured, if the cure is incomplete or too much hardener has been added to the mix to speed it up, they can discharge excess styrene, a chemical that can harm the environment. Epoxy resins are a greener alternative because they produce no toxic substances.

Formadrain uses only fiberglass/epoxy liners in all CIPP projects. That’s because our company believes that to do quality rehabilitation work, you have to begin with superior materials.

Our liners NSF (National Sanitation Foundation) 14 certified, they actually exceed the minimum standards of ASTM F1216 five times over. This guarantees reliable, long-term performance, even where smaller pipes are concerned.

Formadrain has been a leader in pipe lining systems technology for almost 20 years. We got that way because our engineers are dedicated to staying on top of the latest and best in no-dig innovations. When you need trusted CIPP solutions for your residential or municipal pipe systems, contact us!

Formadrain Passes All Tests and Accepted as CIPP Solution for NYDOT!

The demonstration pipe

The New York Department of Transportation, after rigorous testing and evaluation, has approved Formadrain’s design-engineered, no VOC pipelining solution as a FEP (Functionally Equivalent Product) for use by NYDOT. The decision comes after a Formadrain product demonstration was done in the NYDOT warehouse parking lot in Albany last August.  The demo showed NYDOT engineers and […]

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Formadrain Pipelining Demonstration in New York

The demonstration pipe

Aging wastewater pipe infrastructure is a problem and especially in older cities along the East Coast. This past summer, the New York State Department of Transportation (NYS DOT) evaluated the Formadrain system. And the results made it clear that our no-dig method of pipe repair was as superior as it was cost-effective. Our licensee, Towpath […]

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