Formadrain is Your Perfect No-Dig Solution for Repairing Underground Pipes

Hundreds of miles have been successfully lined with this system since 1994!

What Formadrain Technology Can Do For You

Formadrain is a true no-dig technology. It is a steam-cured, fiberglass and epoxy system that is pulled-in-place through existing pipes. This means it is used to repair underground pipes without digging. With no excavation, it can perform lateral repairs, Lateral-Main-Connection® repairs, spot repairs and process piping repairs.

In addition, the Formadrain system:

  • Has been steam cured since 1994 when it was developed.
  • Has lined hundreds of miles of pipe since its launch.
  • Counts over 40 authorized Formadrain licensees across the United States and Canada.
  • Can repair circular pipes from 2 to 48 inches (50 to 1200 mm) in diameter.
  • Contains Green technology: No Volatile Organic Compounds used (VOC Free)

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Making History with CIPP

Putting resin on liner

Putting resin on liner

At the height of the recession in 2010, three cities in Minnesota – Fridley, Golden Valley and Hutchinson – got together to solve a common problem: finding a way to rehabilitate drinking water pipes in each city that were in dire need of repair.

Cash-strapped city officials had chosen the cured-in-place-pipe technique because they knew it could save between 10 to 30% over open-cut construction. Moreover, one official from Golden Valley had had extremely positive results using CIPP methods in sewer rehabilitation projects.

Alone, each city had projects that they knew were too small to get CIPP engineering specialists – who were located out of state – to bid on them. Eventually, they decided that the best way to approach their problem was to pool their non-adjacent projects into a single large one that measured a total 5,500 linear feet.

After contract negotiations that ultimately resulted in almost 15% savings for all three cities, the next problem officials needed to tackle was logistics. Below-freezing air temperatures cut short Minnesota’s construction season at both the beginning (spring) and the end (fall).

To avoid problems that extreme cold would create – including problems obtaining hot-mix asphalt to restore the pits through which lining was inserted in damaged pipes – everything had to be complete by early fall.

The engineers successfully completed by the end of September with a minimum of above ground disruptions and soil compaction issues. Better still, they helped demonstrate the effectiveness of CIPP for both sewer and water main restorations.

Formadrain has been an industry leader in trenchless technology for 20 years. We specialize in residential, commercial, industrial and municipal restoration projects, including spot repairs and those involving lateral lining, lateral main connections and process piping. For value and durability choose CIPP – and Formadrain!

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